Worker’s Compensation

How does worker’s compensation work in New Hampshire?

If you get hurt on the job, you need to report it to your supervisor or HR representative as soon as possible. Once registered, your employer will give you a claim form to fill in details for your claim. You will mention the injuries you suffer on specific body parts etc. Your employer will fill up the bottom portion of this form, which might require his signature and company’s seal or stamp, etc.

In a worker’s compensation case, your employer will send you to a hospital or even an industrial clinic. When you are off-duty, you will receive two-thirds of your average weekly wages as disability benefits directly paid by the carrier. Depending upon your physical health after receiving the treatment, you may be directed to return to work and re-join the organization with or without certain limitations. There might be some injuries that hinder you from going back to work.

How do insurance companies play their part in compensation cases?

The insurance company will give you a supplement job displacement voucher, which provides you a handsome amount to learn new things which will benefit you while you continue with your medical treatment.

What if a person becomes a victim of permanent disability?

The insurance company becomes responsible for your future medical care for your entire life span. This is a kind of settlement made in rare cases since there are very few reported situations where employees suffer from permanent disability while being at their workplace.

Does the insurance company pay for medications and bills?

Depending upon the severity of your medical condition, you might claim to be paid for all the expensive treatments you would go through. The insurance company may agree to offer a lump sum amount to pay your hospital expenses or decide to keep providing you with compensation on a weekly or monthly basis until your treatment is not completed and full recovery is not achieved.

What makes you eligible for the claim?

In order to be eligible to make a claim, you will have to prove that the injury occurred during the course of your employment and the work was a significant contributing factor for your illness. In New Hampshire, you can claim worker’s compensation for psychological illness if you are affected at your workplace by factors like bullying, harassment, intimidation, or a traumatic event.

How is the claim of worker’s compensation recorded?

The name, age, occupation, type of accident, and type of injury are recorded after carefully verifying the employee claiming the worker’s compensation. For instance, the accident included bullying and harassment at the workplace, which resulted in employee’s psychological injury of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety.

What is the attorney’s responsibility in such cases?

The attorney needs to ensure that the worker gets all the compensation he was entitled to for his compensation lawsuit. The lawyers are the worker’s compensation specialists who will initially provide you free advice to understand your options clearly. Trying to handle worker’s compensation claims on your own can be a difficult task, and it becomes uncertain that your claim will be considered.